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 Rules for section: Spam

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Rules for section: Spam Empty
PostSubject: Rules for section: Spam   Rules for section: Spam I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 04, 2010 4:13 pm

Moderator/Admins can edit and add new rules if they like, but please continue to follow the pattern (the not-allowed statement is bolded, and then a "-" First time sentence, then a second/third/fourth/fifth/etc. if necessary
Even though the forum name is Spam, we will not tolerate you from typing asdf multiple times just to unlock the access of posting a GM application.

We will not tolerate the following:

Flaming towards a member - A verbal warning
Second time - An infraction
Third time - Ban for one day.

Flaming towards a moderator - An infraction
Second time - Another infraction
Third time - Ban for 2 days
Fourth - Ban for a week

Threatening - A verbal warning
Second time - Infraction
Third time - Ban for one day

Pure spam (as in asdf, 1234567, lalala, any post without meaning, unless the thread had a rule, like count, or do the abcs) - A verbal warning
Second time - A verbal warning
Third time - an Infraction

Double+ Posting (If you really need to post again, please use the edit button) - A verbal warning
Second time - an Infraction
Third time - an Infraction

No illegal pictures/videos/downloads (no child pornography, no harsh gore, and others) - an Infraction
Second time - one day ban

You also agree that the rules may change anytime without notification. Note: If a new rule arrives after you've done something to broken that new rule, there will be no punishments to the person.

Example: A posts pornography with a direct link, and a warning
1 day after, I add a new rule, saying No pornography.
A didn't know about the new rule, and didn't edit his thread.

In that situation, A is innocent, except that we will simply tell him to reread the rules since it's been changed.
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Rules for section: Spam
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